CURRENT – v1.3.1

MEDUSA© Kernel

An independent PyPI package that encapsulates all classes and functions required to record and process the biosignals of our experiments!

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Eduardo Santamaría-Vázquez, Víctor Martínez-Cagigal, Diego Marcos-Martínez, Víctor Rodríguez-González, Sergio Pérez-Velasco, Selene Moreno-Calderón, Roberto Hornero, MEDUSA©: A novel Python-based software ecosystem to accelerate brain-computer interface and cognitive neuroscience research. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2023, DOI: .

Latest Version

v1.3.1 2024-07-11

MEDUSA Kernel 1.3 release. Changelog:

Breaking changes:

  • Eliminated dependency from PyQt5

Major changes:

  • Inclusion of bitwise reconstruction methods for c-VEP paradigms

Minor changes:

  • Improvements in timeplot
  • Fixed errors to serialize exceptions in tensorflow_integration module
  • Fixed errors in bci.mi_paradigms

Previous Versions

v1.2.5 2023-11-29

MEDUSA Kernel 1.2.5 release. Changelog:

Breaking changes:

  • Parameter standard in function set_standard_montage from meeg.meeg.EEGChannelSet
  • Module plots.topography_plots has been renamed to plots.head_plots
  • Tensorflow integration is now a package extra. Install with this command 'pip install medusa-kernel[TF]'

Major changes:

  • Artifact removing with ICA is now incldued
  • Inclusion of a plot to show biosginals with events, conditions, etc compatible with recording app of MEDUSA Platform
  • Updates in head_plots
  • Improved integration of tensorflow. Tensorflow version has to be <= 2.11 to avoid problems with GPU in Windows

Minor changes:

  • Error fixing in models of bci.mi_paradigms
  • Error fixing in spatial.filetering.CSP
  • Minor bugs fixed in connectivity metrics
  • Improved compatibility of time plot with recordings from MEDUSA Platform
  • The message of TF extras error has been updated
  • Improved position of the sliders of the timeplot
  • Fixed bug in artifact rejection for cvep spellers
v1.1.3 2022-12-09

MEDUSA Kernel 1.1.3 release. Changelog:

Breaking changes:

  • The spectral analysis, nonlinear analysis and connectivity analysis functions (both phase and amplitude based) support as input signals with dimensions [n_epochs, n_samples, n_channels].
  • Update of Motor Imagery module: Changes in the MIData class.
  • Update in Neurofeedback module: Now includes pipelines for real-time functional connectivity calculation.
  • Laplacian surface filter update: Improved filter design in automatic mode.

Major changes:

  • The algorithms of the nonlinear analysis and connectivity analysis functions have been optimized and calculations are now faster.

Minor changes:

  • Legacy package medusa.bci.remote has been eliminated
  • Tensorflow versions fixed to avoid problems: tensorflow==2.11; tensorflow-probability==0.16
v1.0.0 2022-10-29

First major update of MEDUSA Kernel, a complete suite of functions for biosignal processing.

Breaking changes:

  • Phase connectivity improved for real time calculation
  • More functions accept both input shapes [epochs x time x channels] and [time x channels]
  • Improved documentation
v0.4.0 2022-10-28

First public release of MEDUSA Kernel, a complete suite of functions for biosignal processing. Available in the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository.