MEDUSA© Platform

Our Python-based platform provides an appealing user interface for visualizing biosignals and performing BCI experiments in real-time! Download the binaries or source code of the current or previous versions below

How to cite us

Eduardo Santamaría-Vázquez, Víctor Martínez-Cagigal, Diego Marcos-Martínez, Víctor Rodríguez-González, Sergio Pérez-Velasco, Selene Moreno-Calderón, Roberto Hornero, MEDUSA©: A novel Python-based software ecosystem to accelerate brain-computer interface and cognitive neuroscience research. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2023, DOI: .

Latest Version

KRONOS v2024 2024-06-26

MEDUSA© Platform v2024 release. Changelog:

New features:

  • PyQt5 has been replaced by PySide6 as main GUI framework
  • New study management feature
  • New session management feature
  • Automatic notification of app updates
  • New real time plots


  • Improvements in LSL stream syncronization and time corrections
  • Error messages
  • Adaptation to new pip format in versions 24.1 and above

Previous Versions

GAIA v2023 2024-06-26

MEDUSA© Platform v2023 release. Changelog:

Breaking changes:

  • Automatic updates for major and minor versions
  • Automatic installation of app requirements
  • Automatic updates of MEDUSA© Kernel
  • Supports MEDUSA© Kernel v1.2.x

Major changes:

  • Improved app templates for Qt and Unity
  • Unified progress dialog
  • Major improvements in LSL stream syncronization and time corrections
  • New LSL search mode to prevent annoying reconnections after an LSL stream is restarted
  • New real-time plots, including real time topography and connectivity

Minor changes:

  • Bug fix when login is required and there is an update available
  • Docs links fixed
  • Dependencies updated
  • Bug fix in pre-processing of real-time plots
  • Improved progress dialog to show an accept button and errors in red
  • Bug fix when docking/undocking panels
  • Adaptation to new pip format in versions 24.1 and above
CHAOS v2022 2022-09-21

First major update for MEDUSA© v2022, your platform to perform brain-computer interface and neuroscience experiments.

Breaking changes:

  • Improved LSL synchronization
  • Improved LSL information interpretation to accommodate different formats
  • Unity app template improved
  • Default folders added to repository
  • Unity TCPClient updated
  • Bug fixes