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Do you require assistance in designing experiments, customized closed-loop BCI applications for MEDUSA©? Are you looking for consulting services in AI, signal processing, or statistical analysis? Perhaps you're eager to engage in international R&D collaborations. Explore our diverse services next!

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Eduardo Santamaría-Vázquez, Víctor Martínez-Cagigal, Diego Marcos-Martínez, Víctor Rodríguez-González, Sergio Pérez-Velasco, Selene Moreno-Calderón, Roberto Hornero, MEDUSA©: A novel Python-based software ecosystem to accelerate brain-computer interface and cognitive neuroscience research. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2023, DOI: doi.org/10.1016/j.cmpb.2023.107357 .

An overview

We provide expertise in four key areas – dive into the details below!

MEDUSA© App Development

We specialize in developing tailored MEDUSA© apps for a wide range of applications, including BCI paradigms, neuroscience experiments, and neuropsychological tests.

Expert consultancy

Our team offers comprehensive consultancy services in AI, neuroscience, signal/image processing, and statistical analysis to optimize your projects and make informed decisions.

R&D Partnerships

Join forces with our team as your research partner. Our collaborative approach, extensive knowledge, and innovative ideas make us the ideal choice for R&D projects in the field of neurotechnology.

Neurotech Education & Training

At MEDUSA©, our passion is to ignite curiosity and innovation. We are eager to impart dynamic courses, seminars, and bootcamps in the exciting world of BCIs and neuroscience.

MEDUSA© App Development

At our core, we excel in tailoring custom MEDUSA© apps for a diverse public, including researchers, neuropsychologists, and clinics. Our expertise extends to a broad spectrum of applications, such as:

  • Developing BCI systems designed for neurorehabilitation, benefiting individuals like stroke survivors.

  • Creating engaging serious games to enhance cognitive training, particularly aimed at the elderly.

  • Designing digitized versions of cognitive psychology tests that seamlessly record EEG and other biosignals, offering precise and reliable data (e.g., Stroop tests, Go/No-Go test, etc.).

  • Developing customized BCI paradigms for communication and control, including control signals such as c-VEP, SSVEP, ERPs (e.g., P300), and more.

Please feel welcome to browse through our public open-source app market to gain a glimpse of the wide range of applications we can develop specifically for your needs!


Expert Consultancy

Our two-decade journey within our research group empowers us to provide comprehensive consulting services across various domains, including artificial intelligence, neuroscience, signal processing, and statistical analysis. Our expertise is supported by a portfolio boasting 250+ publications in JCR-indexed journals, with over 100 of these publications proudly occupy the top quartile (Q1). The main consultancy services encompass:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): We specialize in the application of machine and deep learning models to tackle a wide range of challenges.

  • Neuroscience and Neurotechnology: We assist in experiment design, lab setup, and the integration of neurotechnology concepts into education and other projects.

  • Signal and Image Processing: Our expertise extends to helping you construct efficient processing pipelines for extracting valuable information, including pre-processing, feature extraction, selection, and classification stages.

  • Statistical Analysis: We support you in data analysis for time series, guiding you in selecting the appropriate statistical tests, addressing issues related to multiple comparisons, and more.


R&D Partnerships

Over the course of our research careers, we have forged collaborations with a multitude of research groups and companies on a global scale. Our track record includes involvement in more than 66 R&D projects. Furthermore, we hold many knowledge transfer contracts with companies and possess 2 patents in the United States.

We recognize the crucial significance of international collaboration in securing funding and driving advancements in our field of science. Are you considering the possibility of having us as a valuable partner for your project? Please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch!

Neurotech Education & Training

At MEDUSA©, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of nurturing the next generation of neurotechnology and signal processing enthusiasts. To this end, we offer a range of educational services, including courses, seminars, talks, and bootcamps; all focused on AI, signal processing, neurotechnology, and/or programming within the MEDUSA© ecosystem.

Our extensive experience in teaching spans across undergraduate students, doctoral candidates, and even BCI researchers from around the world.

Eager to explore our services? Don't hesitate to get in touch!